• Feb 4, 2015

    Val James

    This is Val James.  He was the first black American hockey player to play in the NHL.  Every night. every game, every time he stepped out on the ice, he was taunted with hateful words and screamed at with vitriol by fans,

  • Feb 3, 2015

    Happy Groundhog Day Bill

    This guy is an inspiration.   He’s a comedian who doesn’t tell jokes, and his face, though memorable, doesn’t exactly scream A-lister or “leading man”. Yet, here he is  (35 years after his debut in Meatballs),  perhaps the most successful comedic and dramatic actor

  • Jan 28, 2015


    Nashville, M*A*S*H, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, The Player…Robert Altman made a name for himself as a standout director who subverted genre and developed his own uncompromising style.  More than anything, what made him stand out was his defiance, his refusal to compromise,

  • Jan 27, 2015

    Lars the Bowman

    Maybe you’ve seen this before, or maybe not, either way it needs to be seen.  The video is a lot of things: impressive, hilarious, bizarre…but perhaps most of all, it’s inspiring. Sure, at points, I thought it felt like an SNL digital

  • Jan 26, 2015


    Take from this what you will, but SLOMO, at least in his own mind, has it figured out. Here’s to living life like you’re eleven-and-a-half, forever.   SLOMO from Josh Izenberg on Vimeo.